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The ColorFlow section of the CTLW Karat output process template defines how Prinergy applies ColorFlow settings during CT/LW output to a Karat digital device.
When you configure the ColorFlow settings in an output process template, you select the device, device condition, and plate line, but not a color setup. The color setup used is the one that was assigned to the pages when they were refined—that is, either the color setup specified in the refine process template that was used or the job's default color setup. The color setup that is used during output processing is the color setup specified for each page in the Color Setup column in the Pages pane.
Warning: Output will fail if the content files have not been refined with ColorFlow.


A ColorFlow snapshot captures the state of the entire color database, making its elements available to the workflow and providing a convenient backup. The snapshot feature makes it unnecessary for you to manually save and name multiple versions of your color control elements after adjusting them. At any time, you can easily roll back (revert) to the state of a previous snapshot in the ColorFlow software. If you roll back to a previous snapshot, ColorFlow behaves as if changes after that snapshot never happened.
When you have completed your work in ColorFlow to a certain level and you are satisfied with the elements in color setups, you will mark a snapshot as approved. By default in Prinergy Connect, the currently approved snapshot is used. Only one snapshot can be in the approved state at any time.

Device Name

An individual occurrence of a physical device that captures or produces an image. Devices have a type and customer-specified properties, such as a name and location in the plant. Because the declaration of a device does not include its operating conditions—such as ink selection, type of screening, and paper—you cannot measure the color response of a device on its own.

Device Condition

A combination of a device and the operating conditions in which the device captures or produces an image. A device condition has a known color response. Device conditions can be divided into groups such as print conditions (press and proofer devices), capture conditions (scanner and camera devices), and reference print conditions (industry specifications). A device condition can include more than one device. If all the devices are the same device type, they use the same consumables and operational settings, and they can be calibrated to yield the same color response.

Plate Line

You establish the behavior of a particular plate, screening, and plating line by plating a tint ramp, manually measuring the resulting dot area on the plate, and entering the values in the Plate Setups dialog box in the ColorFlow software.
A ColorFlow plate line is associated with only one plate setup. In your shop, you may use a platesetter and chemistry to process several different screenings. To model this, in ColorFlow, create similar plate lines in the other plate setups. You can name them to match the equipment in your plant. You may want to create several plate lines to indicate when chemistry changes occur. For example, if you routinely change solutions on Mondays, you might create different ColorFlow plate lines for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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