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The Center Page menu item centers a refined page within its imposition trim box. It matches the center of the page to the center of the imposition trim box. You can then use Prinergy Workshop to reassign pages to different positions in the imposition, and not experience image shifts because the trim or media box sizes differ from page to page.
The center of the page is calculated either from the page's trim box or media box depending on the information available:

  • If the refined page includes both trim box and media box information then the trim box is used to center the page.
  • If the refined page includes only media box information then the media box is used to center the page.

You can use the Center Page menu item to center one or more pages. You can easily return to the original page offsets using the Use Page Offsets menu item.
By default, pages are positioned in the imposition trim box by the lower-left corner of the page's trim or media box, rather than by the center of the page.
Note: When you import an imposition, you can indicate whether the pages in the imported imposition should be centered. If you select Centered, all pages will be centered. If you then unassign a page and replace it with another page, the replacement page will also be centered. You can work with the Use Page Offsets, and Center Page menu items to modify their placement as required.

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