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The CEPS Conversion section of a refine process template defines how Prinergy takes CT/LW and TIFF/IT-P1 input files and generates PDF files. The resulting PDF files consist of two layers: line-work (LW) and continuous-tone (CT).
Note: Prinergy handles TIFF/IT-P1, CT/LW (generated by Brisque or PS/M 5 and later), and handshake pages (from PS/M 4 and earlier, and other sources); it does not handle other forms of these files. You must convert other types of CT/LW files to PostScript before you input them to Prinergy, or to an accepted input format using a translation function, such as that found on the Brisque. Also, when generating files from Brisque for Prinergy, you must ensure the files are trapped and color-matched before you submit them to Prinergy.


Select the job ticket processor (JTP) you want to use for Brisque CT/LW files.
Note: You set up JTPs using Prinergy Administrator.

Resample LW

Resamples LW files to the specified resolution.
To enable resampling, select the Resample LW check box, and then select the device resolution from the list and specify the unit of measurement for the resolution.
To disable resampling, clear the Resample LW check box.


Type the percentage at which you want Prinergy to scale CT/LW files. Type 100% for no scaling.
Note: Scaling is not recommended for CT/LW files.

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