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Use approvals to indicate whether or not elements are ready to move to the next step in the workflow.

You can approve all or individual versions of a generated versioned page. For example, you can approve the English versions of a generated page, but leave the Spanish versions of the page unapproved.

Versioned elements approved through InSite Prepress Portal are also reflected in Prinergy Workshop.

  1. In the Versioned Pages view, click the Approvals tab.
  2. Select the version(s) that you want to approve, and right-click to open the context menu.
  3. Click Approve.

Once you approve a version of a versioned page, re-generation of the versioned page no longer affects the approved version. Also, once you approve a version of a versioned page, the content is "locked." You are prevented from making any changes to the job that would affect the approved page. For example, if you approve the English West version of page 1, you are prevented from:

  • Linking, or unlinking the common, English or West layers of page 1
  • Changing the colors to extract on the common, English, or West layers in the version plan
  • Reassigning the change layers for the English West version in the version plan

If your system administrator has restricted operators from overwriting approved pages in the System Administrator, you are also prevented from re-refining approved component pages.
However, to ensure the integrity of version approvals, even if an operator is allowed to re-refine approved pages, and proceeds to re-refine and re-generate an approved version of a page, there is no impact on the approved version.

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