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A substrate is the surface that is printed on—for example, paper, carton, or plastic. The substrates available in Setup are loaded from the connected digital device. When you add a digital device in Setup, the device's substrates are automatically imported into the Substrate dialog box from the device. You can view the settings of a selected substrate in the right pane of the Substrate dialog box. The settings of the substrate are read-only and cannot be edited in Setup. However, you can add a size(s) to the selected substrate and remove a size(s).

  1. In Workshop, from the Tools menu, select Setup.
  2. In the left pane, click the arrow next to Material, to expand the Material section.
  3. Click Substrate.
    If substrates have already been added, a list of substrates is displayed in the center pane.
    Click a substrate to view its settings (in the right pane).
  4. To add a new size to the substrate, on the Sizes tab, click the Add  button.
    A new row is added to the list of substrates in the center pane.
  5. In the new row, select the size that you want to add.
    Note: The list of sizes is defined in Resources > Size. For details see, Setting up a size.
  6. On the toolbar, click .
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