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Signature ID codes are marks that identify—in alphanumeric or bar code format—which signature the sheet will be used for. Signature ID codes, which can include version and section information, are typically printed on the spine area in bar code format so that automatic binding machines can read the codes and put the signatures together in the correct order.

You can set up and place signature ID codes in the following ways:

  • Use imposition software, such as Preps, to create and place the code as a Prinergy variable mark.
  • Use the signature ID code in a Prinergy sheet mark or slug line mark.

The signature ID code is applied to an imposition when it is imported into a Prinergy job. When you create the imposed output, Prinergy replaces the variable mark, sheet mark, or slug line with the actual code containing information about that job.
Note: Use naming conventions for your jobs, impositions, and versions so that signature ID codes are meaningful.

Defining the code syntax

In Administrator, customize the signature ID code syntax to fit the requirements of your bindery equipment.
You can override the default signature ID code syntax by editing the import process template, saving it, and then importing the imposition using the updated Import process template. These changes persist for subsequent uses of the import process template.
After it has been imported, you can change the syntax in Workshop (in the Signature ID Code Editor) or reimport the imposition using different settings.
For more details, see Editing signature ID codes and Signature ID Code Editor dialog box.

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