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When you initiate a process from Job Manager, icons indicating the status of the process appear in the Processes pane, in a dynamic column next to the elements being processed, and in the Process Info dialog box for the process.
Two kinds of status icons may appear—Activity icons and Condition icons.

Activity icons

Activity icons indicate what stage the processing is at. They appear only while a process is running, not after it is complete.


The process is


In progress


Waiting for a user action

Condition icons

Condition icons indicate whether any errors or warnings occur.


What occurred

No warnings or errors

No warnings or errors, and process is complete

A warning

An error

Activity icons always appear in conjunction with a Condition icon. For example, you may see  and  together, which means that the process encountered a warning but is continuing. Or you may see  and  together, which means that the process has been paused but has so far encountered no warnings or errors.
The icons in dynamic columns become grayed out  if their processes are invalidated.

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