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You can assign one page to selected page set positions using page position wild cards. This is particularly useful for folding carton, flexible packaging, or tag and label printers.
You can assign one page to any of the following:

To assign one page to

Use this wild card

All positions

All Positions *

A contiguous range of positions

Contiguous ..

A noncontiguous range of positions

Noncontiguous ,

Both a contiguous and noncontiguous range of positions

Any combination of the Contiguous .. and Noncontiguous ,

Entering page set position wild cards

As with other wild cards, you can enter these wild cards using either the Page Assignments tab or the Raw APA File tab in the APA Editor, or a text editor.

If you enter the wild cards on the Page Assignments tab of the APA Editor:

  • Use the Position column.
  • Type the wild cards using the keyboard. There are no buttons for these wild cards.
  • When you enter a range, do not put spaces between the numbers and the wild cards.

If you are creating an APA file on the Raw APA File tab of the APA Editor or in a text editor:

  • Type an asterisk for the page set argument.

Syntax: ASSIGN= "page_name" "" position_number 1*
Example: ASSIGN= "book.p1.pdf" "" 1 1*
This statement assigns the page named book.p1.pdf to the first layer of the first position number in every page set in the job.

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