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Marks are text or images that are printed in addition to page content, on the press sheet and/or output media. A mark usually provides information about the output. For example, a mark can be an exposure bar or the job name. Marks are also often used for customer approval tags.

Page Marks and Sheet Marks

Any mark can be used as a page mark or a sheet mark. However a page mark should relate to page-specific information because it is placed on every page. A sheet mark should contain information relevant to the whole sheet or media because it is placed on the media once. You can place page marks on loose page output, and sheet marks on all output types.

Example of a page mark

Example of a sheet mark 

Adding marks in Prinergy

You can add marks to your Prinergy output in the following ways:

  • Using an imposition marks file—add marks to the imposition using imposition software, and then import the imposition and its marks file into Prinergy.
  • Using the process template settings—specify the positioning and file path for a mark in the output process template.


Distilling marks for Prinergy

Marks files in Prinergy must be distilled using the recommended settings. If using an imposition marks file, you can set Prinergy to distill (normalize) the marks file on import. If using the process template settings, you must manually distill the marks file.

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