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You can customize the display of Prinergy Workshop windows and panes by doing any of the following:

Most windows and panes have several columns, such as file size and type. You control which columns to display for a particular pane using the Visible Columns dialog box. The columns available vary among windows, panes, and views.

  • Sorting by column

You can sort the items in a window or pane by a column by clicking a column header. A cone symbol indicates the currently selected column and whether items are sorted in  ascending order (1 to 10)  descending order (10 to 1).

  • Displaying thumbnails

You can view thumbnails of pages and pages sets in the Pages view and of imposition plans and the pages assigned to those imposition plans in the Signatures view.
Note: If a thumbnail with a ? mark appears, the volume where the job is stored is not mounted or the job has been purged from disk. If the volume is not mounted, you must close the job, mount the volume, and reopen the job. If the job has been purged, you must retrieve it.

  • Expanding and collapsing all items

Some Prinergy Workshop views and panes enable you to expand or collapse all of their content at once. For example, you can expand all of the actions in the History view of Job Manager to display all of the details for all actions. Or you can expand or collapse the content of the Process Templates in Job Manager to hide or display all of the process templates.

  • Setting Workshop Preferences

You can customize how information is displayed whenever you are logged in by setting preferences. Preferences files are saved by logon ID on the client computer, so your individual preferences are preserved even if you share a client computer with other operators. If you use more than one client computer, a unique preferences file is saved on each computer.

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