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You can assign pages in Prinergy Workshop or in imposition software.

Assigning Pages in Workshop

If you want to add or change page assignments after importing an imposition plan you can:

  • Manually assign pages to and unassign pages from the imposition plan
  • Use Automated Page Assignment (APA) to modify the APA file to reassign the pages.

When you import an unpopulated imposition, no pages are automatically assigned, but you can manually assign pages to the imposition plan. The advantage of creating an unpopulated imposition plan, is that you can create one generic imposition plan and reuse it in many Prinergy jobs, rather than having to create a unique imposition plan for every job.

Assigning Pages in the Imposition Software

For information about assigning pages in imposition software see your imposition software documentation.


If you want to assign multiple pages to one position, see the Versioning chapter in this guide.

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