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System History displays detailed records of all activity occurring outside of job context (such as jobs and groups that were created or destroyed) as well as job archive, purge, and retrieve history.

Note: For information about processes that occur within a specific job, see the History view of Job Manager.

Using System History, you can check the results of multiple processes without having to open individual jobs. This is helpful, for example, if several jobs were archived overnight and you want to see the results in the morning—without having to open each job.
Each message in System History is accompanied by an icon representing the severity of the message. Severity levels are:

  •   Information—the action completed successfully
  •   Warning—the action encountered a problem but carried on to completion
  •   Error—the action failed

You can change the display in the System History window by:

  • Expanding a message about an action to view details about that action
  • Displaying different time periods
  • Grouping messages into categories, such as Job Settings and Storage, depending on the messages currently in System History

Note: You cannot destroy history messages in System History; you can destroy history messages only in the History view of Job Manager.

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