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Kodak is continuously working to improve the performance and security of its software products, and occasionally uses installation software to make important changes available to customers as updates or upgrades. If these conditions describe your system:

  • You have a currently installed PRINERGY Workflow version
  • The PRINERGY Workflow software will remain on its current platform (combination of operating system and hardware/virtual machine)
  • You want to apply the changes available from the update or upgrade to your current PRINERGY Workflow system

it is your responsibility as end user/customer system administrator to install the update or upgrade software (for details, see the terms and conditions you accepted when installing your current system). If you require assistance installing the update or upgrade—or if you wish to upgrade your PRINERGY Workflow system’s platform—contact your service representative.  

To upgrade to Prinergy Workflow 8.1 from version or later without upgrading your operating system, follow the procedures in the Prinergy Workflow 8.1 Upgrade Guide.

To upgrade your hardware or operating system at the same time, contact your Kodak sales or service representative to schedule an onsite upgrade service.

If your Prinergy software is at a version earlier than, you must first upgrade to version before upgrading to version 8.1. Refer to the Upgrade Guide or request information about our onsite upgrade service.

Important: If you are upgrading to Prinergy Workflow 8.1 from a Prinergy version earlier than 7.5, read the ColorFlow update issue below and perform the following actions:
ColorFlow update issue: the ColorFlow 8.0 database has been restructured to improve performance. The Prinergy 8.1 updater will migrate your existing ColorFlow database to the new structure, but in some cases may be unable to do so because of legacy data format issues. Even if you are not an active ColorFlow user, you may be affected by these data format issues.

  • If you are a ColorFlow user: contact your local Customer Engagement Center so they can run a remote Precheck to validate your ColorFlow database, before giving you the go-ahead to proceed with the upgrade. If any additional ColorFlow database maintenance is required, it will be performed before you are given the all-clear to upgrade.
  • If you are not a ColorFlow user: perform the following file maintenance before running the Prinergy 8.1 updater; stop Prinergy, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodak\ColorFlowServer\ColorStore and rename the colorstore folder (all lower case) in this directory to colorstore_backup. Then proceed to run the Prinergy 8.1 updater.
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