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Choose the screen type, screen system, dot shape, and screen ruling. Configure other optional settings, such as screen color and dot width.

  1. In the Screen Type list, select one of the following screen types:
    • Staccato
    • Staccato NX
  2. In the Screen System list, select a set of screen angles.
  3. In the Dot Shape list, select a dot shape.
  4. In the Screen Ruling list, select a ruling.
  5. In the Feature Size list, select a feature size. Integer numbers (eg. "10") specify 2nd-order Stochastic screening and non-integer numbers (eg. "20.1" or "31.1") specify 1st-order Stochastic screening.
    Note: The feature size list is limited by resolution and licensing. You won't see Staccato sizes unless you are licensed for Staccato, and sizes like 10 micron are only available with high-resolutions like 2400 dpi.
  6. (Optional) To reconfigure the screen color separations, enter a Screen Color, select a Screen Angle option, and in the at Angle list, select a screen system angle set.
  7. Under Default Spot Color Handling, select Cycle Through Screen Angles (for each successive spot color) or Screen as, and select a color separation in the list.
  8. (Optional) If you selected Staccato NX in the Screen Type list, you can configure the size of highlights and shadow dots. Type a value (in microns) for highlights and shadows beside Dot Size Highlights/Shadows.
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