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Use this procedure if your proofer supports the spot colors in the pages.

  1. Select the pages that you want to proof.
  2. Start a loose page output process on the selected files by dragging the pages and dropping them on the loose page output process template.
  3. Preserve spot colors by selecting a specific option in the process template:
    1. In the Start Process dialog box, click Edit Process Template.
    2. Expand the Render section.
    3. In the Spot Color Handling list, select Output Separately.
      The options available in the Spot Color Handling list depend on the output type.
    4. Close the process template.
  4. Click OK to close the Start Process dialog box.
    The proof process occurs, applying the settings of both the process template and the Color Output dialog box. The proof is generated.
Tip: You can modify and save the process template before you start. Start the process using the modified process template, and do not click Edit Process Template in the Start Process dialog box.


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