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You can use the Process Template Editor to override the settings in the default signature ID code syntax that was created in Administrator.

  1.  In Job Finder or Job Manager, open the import process template that you want to use to import impositions.
  2.  In the Signature ID Code area of the import process template, in the Template box, type the ID code in one line in one of the following formats:
    • %jobname<n>%%imposition<n>%%version<n>%%signature<n>%%numsections%
      Each tag must be enclosed with a percent sign (% ). ID codes can be a mix of letters and numbers.
      n  is the number of characters to include, starting from the beginning (left side) of the name or number. To include characters from the end (right side) of the name or number, add a minus sign before the number of characters, for example %jobname<-2>% .
    • %n+m% This is a simple incrementing signature ID code that prints a number (n) on the first signature version and increments it by a specified number (m) for each subsequent version.
      For example, %0000+1%  prints 0000 on the first signature and each subsequent signature version is incremented by 1.
  3. In the Number of sections per signatures in one imposition box, type the total number of sections for each signature. 
    For example, if you import an imposition with five signatures and signatures 2 and 5 each contains two sections, enter 1,2,1,1,2.
  4. Save the import process template and use this import process template to override the default syntax that was created in Administrator.



DescriptionContextSignature ID codes

(type the signature ID code in one line)

Number of sections per signatureResulting codes

Simple incrementing number code

(not available in release)

Job name: 12345

# signatures: 2

# sections per signature: 1

Versions: 01 - English, 02 - French



English signature 1:00001

English signature 2:00002

French signature 1:00003

French signature 2:00004

Versioned Job

Job name: 12345

# signatures: 2

#sections per signature: 1

Versions: 01 - English, 02 - French





English signature 1:450101

English signature 2:450102

French signature 1:450201

French signature 2:450202

Multi-section job

Job name: 0027

Text Section

# signatures: 5

(signature 3 contains 2 sections)





Signature 1: 27015

Signature 2: 27025

Signature 3: 27035

Signature 4: 27045

Signature 5: 27055

Pre-job (with multiple impositions)






specific to the job (unique)




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