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This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release.

Referenced PR ID


PRINERGY-31542Separation black object's overprint state is changed from OPM=1 to OPM=0 when converted to DeviceCMYK.
PRINERGY-33186In some cases the Printer JTP is not aborting correctly.
PRINERGY-34261Objects are missing in refined subpages generated from layered PDFs.


Dynamic port range used for installation on Windows 2012 R2 restores to Windows 2008 R2 value restrictions.
PRINERGY-39986Refine processes may begin to fail when a particular set of files is submitted multiple times.
PRINERGY-41561Rule sets that reference variables with spaces in their name cannot be compiled.
PRINERGY-42318Workshop client installation start window displays a second time at completion of installation on Mac OS X.
PRINERGY-42384Spot color names with accented characters appear incorrect in the Page Colors column.


Page geometry should rotate with page for Publish to PDF.
PRINERGY-42519Screen angles output incorrectly when outputting the base and a subset of versions in an LPV job.
PRINERGY-42623DoubleTake 7.1 configuration script does not prompt the user to provide the correct administrator account to use.

Registry option to set Overprint Handling to ignore traps causes traps to render incorrectly.

PRINERGY-42762Unable to view or add job notes in Prinergy Dashboard in some cases.
PRINERGY-42804Job Manager does not refresh when page level Boolean custom fields are set to False.


Process Template Editor incorrectly attempts to validate Device Output Medium for non-direct connection (aka non-GDAPI) devices.
PRINERGY-43334Trapping is being applied incorrectly to spot color blend fill objects defined as "Opaque Ignore".
PRINERGY-43385Text-based variables (such as $[color], $[jobname], and so on) are no longer replaced when used in output device paths.


SMB2 is being enabled on 2008 R2 servers when upgrading to Prinergy Workflow 8.0.


Using a web Growth profile with rotation in the Process Template can cause a crash in the Printer JTP.
PRINERGY-43579Improve ink eater mark performance.


Variable text marks used in a page output to vector PDF can result in some spot colors displaying as rich black (100% CMYK) in Acrobat.


Optimize settings remain unavailable when Preflight is not selected and Advanced Preflight is selected in Process Template Editor.
PRINERGY-43665Prinergy upgrades overwrites RBA Process Template Overrides enabled by customers.
PRINERGY-43743Refining layered PDF results in missing layers in the refined subpage.


Prinergy 7.5 tic mark is missing a feature that populates a custom field after the first output with the colors that subsequent output should use.


Intermittent issue with specific text disappearing when processed with the Trap Editor plugin. 


Workshop Client may lock up when large multi-surface Cut & Stack impositions are output or history related to them is reviewed.


Workshop performance issues on macOS Sierra (10.12).


Workshop installer does not provide the option to perform a direct upgrade.


Problems copying some jobs after upgrading to Prinergy 8.


Output Process Template Screening Info settings revert to default settings when changing the selected Printer JTP.


Job does not appear to move to group correctly when performing search, change name, or move to group.


Nchannel shading object causes color shift in transparent objects below it.
PRINERGY-44189Import Preps job fails when -OUTPUT_PS_MARKSFLATS_FOR_PDF:NO is set in Preps Profile referenced in import template.


Unable to create a new imposition based on a Preps 7.x Job.


Precheck errors on PLAS license check step.


Thumbnail creation fails if job name contains special characters (ä, ö or ü). Regression from 7.0 (Adobe case 47112).
PRINERGY-44199Surface proof RBA rule hangs when specific custom DLLs are installed.

Color Matcher crashes shortly after changing ICC internal table to adjust LAB white color.


Color Library color list can become corrupted in Workshop display.


Daily backup intermittently fsils to run.


Precheck errors on PLAS license check step.


Imposed output fails when text mark includes Japanese characters that are not embedded.
PRINERGY-44642$[Barcode128BPage_Code_1] line width does not honor scaling from iCut.
PRINERGY-44679Temporary files generated from Normalizer consume hard drive space.
PRINERGY-44680Layered Esko PDF input files have elements missing after 1st Refine.
PRINERGY-44681Large temporary file created by the Marks JTP when using an Ink Eater mark.
PRINERGY-44691RBA's Log To History action is unable to log to System history.
PRINERGY-44936ColorFlow enabled output fails if the surface contains unassigned page(s) and the $[ColorSetupName] variable mark is used.
PRINERGY-44960Output processes that "Need Attention" should be moved to On Hold queue.
PRINERGY-44963When using Preflight Plus the temporary PDF is left in Subpages working folder when the profile is run on normalized file.
PRINERGY-45025Overprint Handling causes dark gray boxes to appear in drop shadow areas.
PRINERGY-45220The content stream of PDF files with a large number of clipping paths can geometrically increase in size (for example from 3 MB to 2 GB) and affect process performance.
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