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In DotShop Composer software on the Prinergy server, you can add any number of Maxtone FX or Maxtone SX screen instances. The new Screen System instances automatically become available in the DotShop Plug-in, which you can access from Adobe Acrobat software
on any client workstation.
When setting up the Screen System for a new instance, you can add, edit, or delete separation names and angles as needed, and either specify the minimum Dot Size for the Highlights and Shadows features or select the Use Process Template Settings option.

  • Combined jobs can support multiple feature size settings if all elements use a Maxtone SX screen.
  • Although Maxtone FX screens can be used in combined jobs, they must share the same minimum feature size settings.
  • If multiple Maxtone FX screens are combined with Maxtone SX screens in a job, the Maxtone FX must share the same minimum feature size settings. However, the Maxtone SX screens can have different minimum feature sizes. 

For more information about using DotShop Composer or DotShop Plugin software, see the relevant user guide.

Limitations of Maxtone FX and DotShop

There can only be one Maxtone FX dot size since the final "combine" algorithm, which performs the dilation of FM dots, is done for the entire page and uses the same Maxtone FX dot size for all elements on the page. If the RIP detects multiple Maxtone FX dot size definitions, the job
will fail.
Therefore, if more than one hybrid screen is used in the job, all Maxtone FX screens will use the same min dot size in the final dilation phase. The different Maxtone FX screens will still have a different AM screen settings in the midrange, and the cutoff between AM and FM can also
be different (based on the min dot size defined for each screen) for each hybrid screen. However, all the FM dots will be the same size in the final phase.

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