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Prinergy supports the following types of output files:

Raster formats:

  • DCS Raster (screened or continuous tone)
  • Epson 5000 (screened)
  • Epson 9000 (screened)
  • EPS Raster (screened or continuous tone)
  • HPRTL (screened or continuous tone)
  • JPEG (continuous tone)
  • Kodak Approval EPS (screened)
  • Kodak Approval TIFF (screened)
  • Kodak Proofers (KPS direct connect or continuous tone)
  • PDF Raster (screened or continuous tone)
  • Scitex CT (continuous tone)
  • TIFF (screened or continuous tone)
  • Virtual Proofing System
  • Windows Bitmap (screened only, continuous tone not supported)

Vector formats:

  • DCS-2 Vector
  • EPS Vector
  • PDF Vector (separated or composite, depending on input)
  • PDF/X-1a:2001
  • PDF/X-3
  • PostScript Level 2 (separated)
  • PostScript 3 (separated or composite, depending on input)
  • CT/LW or TIFF/IT

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