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The publish PDF feature lets you select one or more PDF pages or a page set, and then publish the files to a location on the network in PDF file format. It lets you easily share PDF files with others. You can publish an exact version of the PDF, or you can publish a downsampled version, which is easier to transfer via a network.
When you publish a PDF file, you can choose to:

  • Publish images in high resolution
  • Publish images in low resolution

When you publish a high-resolution version of the selected files, Prinergy maintains the resolution of the images contained in the selected PDF pages or page set and publishes a PDF file to the location you specify.
When you publish a low-resolution version of the selected files, low-resolution PDF files will be produced only if alternate images were generated during the refining process. (Alternate images can be generated by selecting Color & Grayscale Alternate Images in the Optimize section of a refine process template.) If no alternate images are present in the selected files, the pages are published as high-resolution.

When publishing PDF pages, you can select two or more PDF pages, specify which resolution you want, and request that Prinergy combine the selected PDF pages into one PDF file that contains multiple pages. The result is published to the location you specify.
When publishing a page set, you can select a page set, specify which resolution you want, specify a page order, and publish it to the location you specify. When you're publishing a page set, the system always generates a multi-file PDF file; it will not let you generate one PDF file for each page in the page set. Also, when a position in a page set contains two or more layers, the system only includes the bottom layer in the published PDF file.
Note: If you have the Vector Output JTP, you can publish PDF files using the loose page output and imposition output process templates. This method lets you publish PDF files in a workflow template.

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