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Select the Advanced TIFF Tags check box in output process templates, under the Device section, to add advanced TIFF tags to the output file.
The advanced TIFF tags are:

Tag Name



CMYK color recipes for each ink color in order of process sequence


Name of each ink in the file (one ink name for each separation) listed in order of process sequence


Indicates whether the set of inks are CMYK


Number of inks in the file


Sequence in which inks are processed


Tag created by Kodak to indicate the opacity of each ink color, listed in order of process sequence


Tag created by Kodak to indicate the clipping path of the assigned page

The benefits of including the advanced TIFF tags when outputting to Virtual Proofing System 2.0 software are:

  • You do not need to enter the color recipe of any spot colors for Virtual Proofing System software to display them properly.
  • Virtual Proofing System software reflects color opacity.

For more TIFF tag information, search extranet documents for TIFF Specification.

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