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The JDF bi-directional connectivity method is the newer and easiest method of sending files to a digital press from Prinergy. Depending on the digital device, it includes the new JDF bi-directional connectivity method and the legacy JDF connectivity.

You must have configured a connection to the digital press. For information about adding connections to the digital devices in Setup, see Setting up a digital device (press).

  1. Right-click the pages, page set, or imposition that you want to send to the digital printer, select Send to Digital, and from the list that appears select the required digital device.
    • The device marked with an asterisk * is the device that was last used to print this job. 
    • Devices below the line separator are connected to Prinergy via the legacy connection method. You can select the number of copies and assign a JDF job ticket, but cannot edit this job ticket.
  2. Depending on the device, you selected in step 1, perform one of the following actions:
    • If you selected a device from the list above the line separator, the Digital Job Ticket Editor opens, displaying the relevant parameters for the selected digital device with the last settings used. When sending a job to this digital device for the first time, the default device settings are displayed, and can be changed.
      In the Digital Job Ticket Editor dialog box, set the options as required, and click Submit.
    • If you selected a device from the list below the line separator, the Send to dialog box opens. If you want to change the number of copies, in Copies box, change the value. You can also select a JDF job ticket. When you finish, click Submit.
    The document is sent to the device. 
  3. To track the status of the submitted job (and the status of all digital devices connected to the Prinergy server and their submitted jobs), from the Tools menu, select Track

  4. In Device Track, in the Devices list, select the digital device that the job was submitted to.
    All jobs in the queues (In Process,Completed, On Hold, and Failed) of the selected device are displayed including the job you submitted just now.

For information about Prinergy Device Track, see Device Track.

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