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This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release.

Referenced PR IDDescription

Legacy PR ID

PRINERGY-28677A PDF with Pattern fill fails to process when trapped. 
PRINERGY-29081Process Templates with ColorFlow enabled are slow to open. 
PRINERGY-30499User settings are not being retained for Configure Imposition Applications. 
PRINERGY-31230LPV: Page Number Back Reference value incorrectly inherits Page Name Back Reference value when imported. 
PRINERGY-31411Spot colors preview incorrectly in vector PDF output viewed with Acrobat Overprint Preview when using variable $[color_offset] or $[color] 


Color Matcher-generated objects for traps cause RIP output to fail. 
PRINERGY-32529Back surface of an imposed signature fails to output when ColorFlow variable marks are included in the Slugline mark. 
PRINERGY-33273Page Alias points to the incorrect source when it is in a job created from a copied job (rather than the original job). 
PRINERGY-34921Preps cannot start from Workshop with second Mac user session. 


Illustrator plug-in is not compatible with Illustrator CC. 

Job export fails if the number of pages assigned to the run list is greater than the number of pages in the imposition layout.



Pattern fill disappears when processed by Color Matcher. 
PRINERGY-36031If the surface Custom Field is used in an imposition, it will be overwritten if the imposition is edited in Preps. 
PRINERGY-36299Prinergy cannot connect with a NEXPRESS station installed on Windows 2012. 


Output: File with Pattern fill outputs incorrectly in CPSI if refined in 5.3. 


Added setting to omit traps from color matching. 


INSITE preview does not update to reflect impositions/page sets removed via Workshop. 
PRINERGY-37191Code 128C barcode is defined incorrectly. 
PRINERGY-37623Preflight+: Subpages are generated even if Suppress Generation of Failed Subpages is selected. 


Unable to create a new imposition based on a Preps 7.x Job due to updated information in %SSIJobPage. 
PRINERGY-37762New objects created by Vector Overprint Handling appear as knockouts. 
PRINERGY-37795Processing particular Dalim PDF with Color Matcher and Trapper results in artifacts in refined page. 
PRINERGY-37833Copy job metadata intermittently fails to copy for jobs with job history. 
PRINERGY-37834Output fails if ColorFlow is enabled and the surface contains unassigned pages, and $[ColorSetupName] variable mark used. 


Shingling applied via RBA's Create Intent action is not applied to imposition parts. 
PRINERGY-37935A PDF that has been processed by Color Matcher cannot be flattened by Preflight+. 
PRINERGY-37973Preflight+: Outline font fixup causes RyuminPro-Ultra character to shift position. 

Non-integrated Preps JDF imported into Prinergy Workflow releases 6.0 through 7.5 will exclude resources like Device Media and Marks if those resources are not available on the AraxiPreps share.

PRINERGY-38118After upgrading to Prinergy 7 duplicated documents cannot be submitted to a digital press via Digital Direct. 
PRINERGY-38149Vector PDF output slows down over time. 


Improvements to temporary A9R file generation and cleanup related to Color Matcher and Vector Output. 
PRINERGY-38194Preflight+: Performance impact and intermittent failures occur due to large temp files that build up as additional files are processed. 
PRINERGY-38204When an imposition is present in a job, RBA action Write Job crashes the automation engine in Prinergy 7. 


Preflight+: Add support in Profile Manager for special (double-byte) characters in profile names. 


Digital output - JDF: Scaling is not applied if the selected substrate is not from the library. 
PRINERGY-38430Workshop crashes when browsing history for some jobs on Russian workstations. 


If a color setup selected in Refine PT is deleted from ColorFlow, the Refine PT displays Job color setup. 


Improvements to APPE RIP error messages. 
PRINERGY-38582 Certain Type 1 Fonts get corrupted on Refine when color-matched or trapped. 
PRINERGY-38697Veneer Font goes missing when processed with Color Matcher or when using Convert Text to Paths. 


DataMatrixSurface barcode marks print incorrectly when multiple surfaces are selected for output. 


Importing an imposition with many impositions/page sets into a job is much slower in Prinergy 6.x and 7.x than in Prinergy 5.2. 


Axial shading DeviceN gradient disappears when processed by Color Matcher with CPSI. 


Gradients shift when processed with Color Matcher or trapper on CPSI. 


Moving jobs between the a source system and a destination system sometimes locks up the destination system. 


Drop shadows cause access violation failure in trapper. 


Upgrades incorrectly change names of workflow templates with 2-byte characters in their name. 


PDeviceAndServiceD sometimes takes a long time to communicate with ColorFlowServer. 


RBA cannot save a rule after adding a fourth value in tables of values when using Temp Variables. 
PRINERGY-40458Specific text object renders incorrectly when processed with Vector Overprint Handling and spot colors set to overprint. 


Prinergy 7.5 Upgrade installs the database on an incorrect drive if a larger drive is present. 


ColorFlow fails to retrieve Ink Optimizing license from FLIM if RSS is installed on Windows 2012. 


Connecting to Windows 2012 computer running Prinergy 7.5 can cause Prinergy to become unresponsive. 
PRINERGY-40889Workshop job history does not show an error for an MIS JDF from Business Link that fails to convert during an import task. 
PRINERGY-41186Maxtone SX fails to output when specific characters appear within the MNZA_TempFolder path entry in the system registry or if an Output JTP is named with a specific character (such as a hyphen "-") in Prinergy 7.5. 


Pattern artifact appears on high-resolution output. 


Copying a job is very slow when a large number of registered files in the system and DBCS_WorkflowStepObject contains records for the job being copied. 


Prinergy snapshot is missing the Prinergy Floating License Manager service registry file. 


Installer function Sys_RefreshEnvironment can hang requiring the upgrade to be aborted and manually rolled back. 
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