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Device Track enables you to monitor the progress of jobs that were sent to production on digital devices that are connected to the Prinergy server via JDF bi-directional connectivity or legacy JDF connectivity.
Device Track displays the status of the selected device. The data displayed in Device Track reflects the device controller data, and not Prinergy's data.
Device Track does not display the history of documents that no longer reside on a connected device. 

The Device Track window lets you easily see which of your jobs are in process, which are on hold, which have failed or were aborted, and which completed processing successfully.
If the job was submitted from your Prinergy server, you can also perform actions depending on the queue the job is in. In the In Process queue, you can abort the job submission and in the other queues you can move the job from one device to another, resubmit it or remove it from the queue.

Jobs from other servers or jobs that are running on the device but were not submitted from your Prinergy servers are displayed in gray. You can monitor their progress but you cannot perform any actions on them.

You add or remove devices in Setup (see Setting up a digital device (press)) and in Administrator (via the Managed Connections menu). If you add or remove devices in Administrator, the list of connected devices in Device Track is updated automatically but the list in Setup does not. To update the list of connected devices in Setup, click   Refresh Digital Device List in Setup > Equipment > Digital Device

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