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The Copydot section of a refine process template defines how Prinergy handles copydot files.
When you enable the Copydot section, the system automatically reformats copydot images for optimal performance during output. Only disable the Copydot section for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your input files lack copydot images.
  • You have already optimized the copydot images in your input files.
  • You don't need alternate images.


Select a job ticket processor (JTP) to use for copydot files.
Note: You set up JTPs using Prinergy Administrator.


Enables resampling of copydot files to the specified resolution. Use this feature when you want the resolution of copydot images in your refined content to match that of your output device.
Select the Resample check box to enable resampling of copydot files.
Clear the Resample check box to disable resampling of copydot files.
Note: You can resample copydot images during final output instead of during refining.

Target Resolution

Specify the resolution of the target output device in the X and Y boxes, and then select a unit of measure.

Generate Alternate Images

Generates alternate low-resolution images, which Prinergy uses when you use the Publish PDF feature. The system automatically descreens alternate copydot images to 300 dpi, and they are JPG compressed.
Select this check box to generate an alternative image for each copydot image.
Clear this check box to disable this feature.

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