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One of the tasks that you will perform most frequently in Prinergy Workshop is initiating processing. For example, processes include refining input files, proofing, making film or plates, archiving job files, and submitting files to digital devices. Any element can undergo some sort of processing.

In general, you initiate a process by selecting the elements to be processed, and then select the desired process template or digital device. All of the process templates and digital devices are listed in the Process Templates pane of Job Manager.

When you start a process, you can edit the process template temporarily.
You can start a process in several ways:

  • Using a menu item
  • Dropping elements onto a process template or digital device in the process templates pane
  • Using the pop-up menu (right-clicking the element and navigating to the process template)
  • Using the pop-up menu in the process templates pane (selecting the elements, right-clicking the process template in the process templates pane, and selecting Start Processing).


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