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  1.  Open the Print Order dialog box in one of these ways:
    To Specify Print Order ForDo This


    1. Start a refine process.
    2.  In the Start Process dialog box, click Color Mapping.
    3.  In the Color Mapping dialog box, click Print Order.

    Imposition proof output and final output

    1. In the Signatures or Separations view, select one or more signatures.
    2. From the Edit menu, select Color Printing Order.
  2.  Select a color in the list, and then click Print Sooner or Print Later to move the selected to the desired position.
    When Prinergy handles the color separations, it starts from the top of the list and works down the list.
  3.  Repeat step 2 for other colors until the list displays a satisfactory color printing order.
  4.  Click OK.


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