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Set up a PostScript printer to use the Prinergy Refiner PPD for creating a PostScript file of your job from your original authoring software, such as QuarkXPress. You can use an actual or virtual PostScript printer to create a PostScript file.
You must download the Prinergy Refiner PPD file before you proceed with this task.
Note: If installing Prinergy Evo Client software, see the Prinergy Refiner PPD installation README that comes with the Prinergy Evo Client installation image.

  1. Start the Mac Printer Setup Utility software located at: Applications\Utilities\Printer Setup Utility.
    Note: In Mac OS X version 10.2, this is Print Setup. In Mac OS X version 10.3, this is PrinterSetupUtility. 
    After starting the Printer Setup Utility, the list of printers that are currently installed appears.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the list, select IP Printing. In the Printer's Address box, type localhost. 
  4. Clear the Use default queue on server check box.
  5. Type a Queue Name that is the name of the new printer, for example, PostScript. 
  6. In the Printer Model box, select Creo Products.
    Prinergy Refiner appears in the Model Name box.
  7. Click Add and exit the Printer Setup Utility.

You are now set up to create a PostScript file of your job from your original authoring software.

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