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Unlabeled list and results area

Selecting an item in the list at the top left of the dialog box displays that item's contents in the box below.
When you select:

    • Volumes, the volumes in your system appear
    • A volume name, folders at the root of the selected volume appear
    • A folder name, files within the folder appear

The path of the displayed item in the list appears in reverse order, for example, folder name followed by volume name.


Displays all volumes in the Prinergy system.

Show Hidden Files

Select this check box to include hidden files, such as system files, in the results.
You can set the default selection of this check box on the View tab of the Workshop Preferences dialog box.

Select <file>

This button displays Select followed by the name of the file that is selected in the lists above. Click it to select the specified file and close the dialog box.

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