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This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release.

Referenced PR IDDescription

Legacy PR ID


Creep is not applied correctly when using 'scale' and center pages. Imposition trim lines are not scaling.

PRINERGY-27015Center page not working correctly with certain imposition.JRON-1265

ColorFlow output error message needs to be updated when device conditions cannot be found.


RGB-to-CMYK Perceptual Rendering with IDEAlliance GRACol2006, SWOP C3 and C5 causes a scum dot.


Image mask with darken transparency blending mode knocks out background in Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Various RGB-to-CMYK conversions done using Profile Pairs cause scum dot in white point.

PRINERGY-31650ColorFlow is disabled after an incremental job import. 

Character shifts when output with 90 rotation and mirror via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Wildcard matching in Automatic Page Assignment treats special characters incorrectly.


In some circumstances Job Manager takes longer to open than in earlier versions of Prinergy.


CS5 file placed into Adobe InDesign CS5 and exported as PDF 1.5 outputs incorrectly via Adobe PDF
Print Engine.


Image with transparent clipping mask missing on output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Specific file with Axial Smooth Shading outputs incorrectly via Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-33425Output with APPE 2.6 patch4 rip fails in a certain Japanese file. 

Artifact appears on output when using certain layout shift amount via Adobe PDF Print Engine.

PRINERGY-33664PDF fails with unknown PM error via Adobe PDF Print Engine. 
PRINERGY-34092Presence of previous logs causes problem for Oracle 11 installation. 

Layer data is missing from a PDF that has multiple 'nested' layerswith the same name.

PRINERGY-34284Font disappears when using Adobe PDF Print Engine to output. 

Job history does not report the refined page's Color Setup name when the snapshot is Current State.


Text in a transparency group is shifted when color-matched during refine.


Vector Overprint handling on output rendering transparent objects incorrectly (changing blend modes)


Thin line artifact on 2400 dpi output if 270 rotation is applied and with certain marks margin settings via Adobe PDF
Print Engine. 


Conditional application of ColorFlow plate curve only to sheet and imposition marks.


PDF with certain Axial shading objects outside the trim area outputs incorrectly via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Artifact appears on high resolution APPE output when a certain layout size is applied.

PRINERGY-35723Colored Tiling pattern shifts on output. 

Vector Overprint handling of certain transparency group with a soft mask changes its appearance.


Vector overprint handling changes appearance of a transparent object with soft masks.


Artifact on output of specific file when rotation set to zero degrees when output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Artifact on pattern object in specific file at 2400 dpi output via Adobe PDF Print Engine.


Text with negative word spacing applied shifts in relation to its transparent mask when refined.

PRINERGY-36373Artifact on 2400 dpi output via Adobe PDF Print Engine. 

PDF placed twice on surface outputs with corrupt font on one of the pages.


"The custom fold pattern <name> was not found in REM database"error appears when importing Preps job
into Workshop.


Vector overprint handling changes the appearance of soft mask transparency effect when color mapping
spots to process

PRINERGY-36834Colormatcher: Grey box appears when using Overprint Handling. 
PRINERGY-37203Digital print output to DFE fails if files are larger than 4 GB. 

Vector overprint handling generated objects change the appearance of a soft mask transparency effect when spots
are mapped to process colors

PRINERGY-37427Custom field is not created from MetaData for specific JDF. 

In Layered PDF Versioning, the Preflight Report visible column is not being set to Generated when all pages that
make up the VP pagehave been 'Preflighted'.


The Preflight Report column will not display correctly when refining
with Preflight+.


Advanced Preflight: Cannot open Multiple page reports if the source PDF had an accent character.

PRINERGY-37584Preflight+: Object missing when applying certain FIXUP. 

Preflight+: New version of pdfToolbox 7.6 SDK needs to be integrated to address specific issues.


Update imposition does not work in Prinergy 6.x and later for imposition files with more than one signature
(PJTF, JT, and Metrix JDF).


Add an option to Ignore Common Object Differences and White objects that are outside the page
trim for layered PDF versioning.


Layer mapping does not work correctly when Advanced Preflight is enabled with Layered PDF Versioning.


Hairline artifact appears on high resolutions output for certain PDF when rotated on output via Adobe PDF
Print Engine.


License problem in Prinergy 6.1 and 7.0 causes seamless screening not to work.


Prinergy Digital jobs sent to Ricoh DFE fail after upgrading from Prinergy version 6.1.

PRINERGY-37804Rehost creates JTP pools with incorrect hostname. 
PRINERGY-37823Imposed high-resolution VPS output hangs on new 620 server. 

The PRINERGY-37707 drop-in causes traps in 2400 dpi output to be incorrect.


Prinergy 6.1.2 secondary server can only be upgraded if logged in as same account that Araxi service is running
under on the primary server.

PRINERGY-37914Soft mask transparency with overprint causes image to disappear. 

When a very large exported job is submitted to a hot folder with the "Delete dropped file if processing is successful"
option selected, only the last processed file is deleted.

PRINERGY-37934Upgrade fails because makeBuildObjects.sql is not running. 

Importing Large Preps .Job files or non-integrated Preps .JDF files fails to create process.


When compressing, Prinergy should purge the Oracle recycle bin before starting the compress operation.


Copying a job to "." results in the deletion of the entire primary job volume.

PRINERGY-38041Upgrade fails when migrating rules for .NET 4. 

Copying reports to a remote location should not automatically create a folder with the job name when using Preflight+.

PRINERGY-38122Upgrade fails to run UpgradeScheme. 
PRINERGY-38251Importing the substrate library fails in Setup for Ricoh connectivity. 

Layered PDF Versioning generate process fails with an internal error when selecting the new Copy only common
differences to error layer or Move only common object differences to error layer handling options.

PRINERGY-38430Workshop crashes when browsing history on Russian workstations. 
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