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A die is a series of knives used to cut shapes from a press sheet, and a die line is a line that represents the position of the various knives and is used to guide the die in cutting a press sheet. Die lines are usually created using a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) program and included in the original input files added to Prinergy.

 A varnish or overprint coating is created to protect or improve the visual appeal of a printed page, and is used to protect the print, for decoration, adhesion, or for resistance to oil or moisture. 

 Die lines and varnishes need specific opacity attributes to ensure the file prints correctly. For example, die lines cannot be trapped; they need to be set to knockout on composite proofs and as an overprint ink when outputting separations. Varnishes shouldn't display on composite proofs.

Note: The die line or varnish color must have exactly the same name in Prinergy as it has in the input file. For example, if the native application file includes the colors Die and Varn, the color database in Prinergy must include a color Die or Varn. 

 If a die line or varnish color is not defined in the color database, Prinergy treats it as a separate spot color and the color may print with incorrect attributes.

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