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You must create a version plan to configure versions, layers, and color mappings. This task is critical to publishing the correct content in each version.

Version plan creation methods

You can create a version plan in two ways, using:

  • Version Plan Quick Builder—is fast and easy to use, but assumes that:
    • You want to give the layers the same name as the versions
    • You want only one change layer for each version.
    • You want all bases to have CMYK extracted, and to be output separately.
    • You want all layers to have black extracted, and to be output as black.

If any of these assumptions are not true for your job, you can modify the version plan accordingly using manual procedures.

  • Manual procedures—allows you to control all aspects of the version plan, such as removing layers, adding change layers, and editing layer and version names.

If you are using non-layered input files, we recommend that you create a version plan using the Version Plan Quick Builder, and then modify it accordingly with manual procedures.
If you are using layered input files and each version corresponds directly to a layer, we recommend that you use the Version Plan Quick Builder to complete the version plan. Otherwise, complete the version plan manually.
Tip: The procedures in this chapter describe how to perform tasks using the menu bar. However, you can also quickly perform many tasks using the context menu by right-clicking inside the Workshop window.

Exception pages to the version plan

If you have a job in which there are some pages that cannot use the same color extractions as the rest of the job, you can use a color extraction override to output those pages within the same versioning job.
For example, consider a job in which the bulk of the pages requires only a black plate change between versions, but one signature of one version requires a four-color change. You can set up those pages for a 4-color change within the same job—essentially using a different version plan for those pages.

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