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  1. From the File menu, select Open File With and then select Edit List.
    Tip: You can also right-click the input file to select these menu items.
  2. In the Configure Applications dialog box, perform one of the following actions:


    Do This

    Add software

    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder dialog box, browse to and select the software's executable file. 
      The software name appears in the Applications box and the path to the software appears in the Location box. 
    3. (Optional) To rename the software's executable file name, double-click the software in the Applications box and type a new name. 
    4. Click OK.

    Remove softwareIn the Applications box, select the software, and click Remove.

    Tip: To change software, remove the existing software and add the new one. This is useful if you change versions, move the software to another location, or change software.

  3. Click OK.
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