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Each color library must be associated with a color space. Each color space must be associated with an ICC profile, which is used to populate the colorants list. It is a best practice to name color libraries and color spaces according to the associated ICC profile.
With the Color Space Editor, you can create new color spaces or change a color space by editing the component (colorant) names. Changes to the colorant names are written to the associated ICC profile.

The following color spaces are provided with Prinergy, and are not editable or removable:

  • CMYK—Adobe SWOP sheetfed
  • RGB—Adobe RGB 1998
  • L*a*b*—CIELAB 1976 (the Prinergy default)

You are responsible for creating color recipes for the colors in your color space.
Note: To access the Color Space Editor, open the Tools menu in Workshop.

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