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Color Libraries

(Visible when you open Color Editor directly from the Tools menu, not from another dialog box)

Lists the color libraries defined in Prinergy.

Use the Add and Remove buttons to add or remove a user library.

Use the Import and Export buttons to copy color libraries between Prinergy systems.


(Visible when you open Color Editor directly from the Tools menu, not from another dialog box)

Lists the colors defined in the selected color library.

The Global tab lists colors that are available to all jobs. The Job tab lists colors that are available only to the current job. The Job tab is shown only when you open Color Editor from Job Manager.

Type the color recipe name in the Search box to locate the color recipe in the list.

Use the Add, Copy, Edit, and Remove buttons to manage color recipes.

Color Editor

Displays the color definition (recipe), which includes the name, trapping information, alternative color space, and screening information.


Displays the name of the color.


Select one of the following opacity options:

    • Not Specified—opacity is not specified.
    • Normal—the color is treated as translucent. Normal colors, or objects covered by or placed on top of Normal colors, may be trapped.
    • Transparent—transparent colors are not trapped.
    • Opaque—opaque colors, or objects covered by Opaque colors, are not spread. Other colors may trap to Opaque colors, and objects covered by Opaque colors may be choked back.
    • Opaque Ignored—opaque Ignored colors are not spread. Other colors do not trap to Opaque Ignored colors.
    • die line—the color is not trapped. For composite proofs, the color knocks out. When outputting separations, the system treats the color as an overprint ink.

Neutral Density

(Also see About neutral density)

Specifies the neutral density for the color.

Note: Unless you need to specify a special neutral density for trapping purposes, we recommend that you leave this blank. The neutral density values are determined from the process color recipe.

Treat Color As Black

This check box is available only for the PDF Trap Editor.

You can specify that a colorant (usually only a spot color) be treated as though it was black. The settings in the Black area of the Trap section of the refine process template determine how Prinergy handles black objects.


      • Normal inks can be trapped as black if set to Treat as Black.
      • Other colors trap to Opaque inks because Opaque inks are always treated as black.
      • Transparent or Opaque Ignored inks are never treated as black.

Alternate Color Space Name

Specifies an alternate color space for the color, for example, RGB, CMYK, or L*a*b*.

The components below the Name box specify the percentage (or quantity) of each component forming the color recipe. For example, PANTONE 159-6 is composed of: Cyan=15%, Magenta=50%, Yellow=0%, Black=25%.

Screening Angle

Specifies the screening angle for the color.


Click Revert to cancel the changes you've made and to revert the options to the settings you last saved.


Click Apply to save the changes you've made and to apply them to your current selection.

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