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Important: In the procedure, Linking refined pages, you can also create versioned pages if using the Link to Layers dialog box.
Note: If using automatic linking, you can define the versioned page name prefix using a back reference.

  1. In the Versioned Pages view, on the Link tab, from the Versioning menu, select Add Versioned Pages.
  2. In the Add Versioned Pages dialog box, in the Prefix box, type the prefix for the versioned pages if you want to define a prefix.
    Note: All versioned page names are composed of a prefix and a number, which are separated by an underscore (_).
    Do not type the underscore. Prinergy automatically adds the underscore character between the prefix and the body of the file name.
    Tip: Use a prefix which sorts versioned pages to the top of the Pages pane of the Pages view, for example, 1VP, in order to make versioned pages easily accessible during a subsequent task.
    Important: If you use more than one prefix for your versioned pages, only link, at one time, versioned pages of one prefix.
  3. In the Add Versioned Pages dialog box, in the Range box, type the range of versioned pages that you want to add. For example, 1-5, 9, 15-20.
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