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Use this procedure when generating imposition output or final output.

  1. Open the Color Separations dialog box, by performing the following actions:
    1.  Select a signature in the Signatures view. 
    2. From the Edit menu, select Color Separations
  2.  Select the color.
  3.  Identify whether the colors are defined in the color database by selecting each one in the Color Information section and reading its description.
    Prinergy identifies a color as undefined if it is not in any color library.
  4.  Perform one of the following actions:


    ToDo This
    Add a new color
    1. Click Add Separation.
    2. In the Add Separation dialog box, type a name for the color separation.
    3. Click Add.
    Edit an existing color
    1. In the Page Color column, click a color that is defined.
    2. In the Color Information section, click the Page Color tab, and click Edit.
    3. Click Edit Color Recipe Globally or Edit Color Recipe For This Job Only as appropriate.
    4. In the Color Editor dialog box, edit the color attributes.


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