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Signature Booklet (digital blueline proofing) is a feature in Prinergy for creating 1-up or 2-up reader-order proofs of the page set positions from an imposition plan layout. You can create a signature booklet simply by starting a process template.

Signature Booklet offers similar functionality as iMPact Digital Blueline. The output proof is the same reader-order booklet, but the method to achieve it is different. Prinergy creates the signature booklet by deimposing the imposition plan layout into individual pages, RIPing the pages, and then outputting them-in reader order-to a duplexing laser printer or file. If outputting to a PDF raster or vector file, you can choose to output in a multipage format where the complete signature booklet is in one file, or you can output in a single-file format where each 1-up or 2-up page is saved to its own file.

You can output a signature booklet to any file type listed in the Output To list in the imposition output process template.

Diagram: Creating a 1-up signature booklet


Diagram: Creating a 2-up, folded signature booklet


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