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Using the Color Matcher with ICC profiles (Prinergy-provided or custom), you can convert:

  • RGB to CMYK: RGB graphics and images can be automatically converted to CMYK.
  • CMYK to CMYK: The Color Matcher can convert the color space of a PDF file to a color space appropriate for a specific output device.
  • Device-independent color spaces to a device color space: The Color Matcher can convert a device-independent color space such as L*a*b* to a final color space according to the ICC profile used.

The Color Matcher also enables you to:

  • Map spot colors
  • Perform overprint conversions
  • Match colors
  • Handle CMYK black
  • Support extra colors such as L*a*b* color recipes

These features are available in various combinations in the refine, loose page output, and imposition output process templates.

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