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You can print layout mockups and press-run summaries in a report to use as a reference, or provide to another operator. The report includes a mock-up of and details about each press run, including press run ID and sheet or web number, sheet size and utilization, run length, and color separation names.

  1. Select File > Print Job Layout Report, or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + CMD/Ctrl + P.
    Note: The sheet diagram shows the layout dimensions including gutters, such as head trim, foot trim, face trim, spine, and lip values (as applicable).
  2. In the Send to list, select the output type (typically PDF or Printer).
    Limitation: Although the menu may offer choices, Preps supports only PDF output.
  3. In the Job Report Media list, select the media size.
    Note: Selecting Generic PostScript Printer applies the printer's default page size.
  4. In Media, select the media to use for the diagram.
    By default it will select the media selected for each Press Run. You can override this selection and choose Press Sheet Size to exclude device media size from the diagram.
  5. Under the Layout tab, set these options. 

    Job Press Layouts Per PageThe number of diagram surfaces per page
    Press Sheet MarginsFrom Final Trim will show sheet margin values. The distance from the trimmed down imposition to the sheet edges. From Final Lip will only show the sheet margins from the imposition Lip.
    Show Press Run Media will display media dimensions
    Output OptionsShow Side Guide
    Show Gripper
    Override Gripper Label (text label for gripper position) 
    Output CommentsProduct
  6. Under the Marks tab, set these options.

    Print Job Layout Report MarksPrints only marks placed on Press Runs that have the Only on Job Layout Report option selected
    Print All MarksPrints all marks that are placed on Press Runs
    Page Based MarksSelect whether to print all or selected page-based layout report marks
    Press Sheet MarksSelect whether to print all or selected press sheet based layout report marks
  7. Click Print.
    Preps outputs a PDF file. 
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