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New features and enhancements

IntroducedNew feature or enhancement

When in Template Editing Mode, users can use the Save As Job option. (PREPS-16034)

This allows users to open templates and save them as Jobs.


"Odd" and "even" are now supported variables in the Range setting for SmartMarks. (PREPS-15970)

Entering Odd or Even as keywords in the Range field will result in the list of supported numbers being either only odd or only even numbers.


More SmartMark options when marks are anchored to gutters (PREPS-15212)

For marks that are anchored to gutters, users can now limit marks to specific gutters by entering numeric values or "odd" and "even" keywords in the Range field.


Template editing functionality (PREPS-15601)

If you use Preps templates, it is now easier to edit them. 


New foot-to-foot bottling method is now available for classic impositions and custom folding patterns. (PREPS-15660)

Bottling now rotates around the center of the page in all cases. Classic impositions and custom folding patterns now have pivot points of Lower Left Corner for even pages and Lower Right Corner for Odd pages. 

Fixed bugs 

Fixed in

Referenced PR



Opening existing Preps Job with pages where one page has been renamed is a problem on PC 8.2.



Preps DLL cannot process a job when PAGEMARKSINCLUDEDINPLACEMENTORDER is Yes and job contains rectangle marks anchored to page.



Bottling is incorrect when pages are foot to foot for classic impositions and custom folding patterns.

Known limitations

When you use "Odd" or "Even" keywords in the SmartMark Range field, the mark will be applied only for the first press run.

This happens for all marks when the mark anchor is anything except Gutter. See Common settings for SmartMarks.
Workaround: Add t: before the Range keyword. For example, t:odd or t:even.

If you duplicate a press run while in template editing mode, the signature name will remain the same.

This will cause a problem if you save the template without changing the name. Only the first signature with that name will be in the resulting saved template. This is fixed in build 3027, which we hope will be included in the general availability release of Prinergy 8.2.

If you add a new sheet while in template editing mode, you will no longer be in template editing mode.

You can still save as template. If you duplicate an existing press run you will remain in template editing mode.

When adding press runs to a job from a template, you cannot rename a signature after it has been edited.

Once you save the job for the first time you will be able to edit the name of a signature.

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