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Templates are standalone files that store complete information about reusable layouts for a specific binding style. Information about each unique layout is stored in a template signature within the template, including its media, press sheet size, work style, template page positions, and marks. Templates are useful for frequently repeated jobs.

The Templates list contains complete, reusable layouts that predefine the press sheet dimensions and template page sizes, positions, and numbering for specific binding styles.

Preps includes a selection of sample templates, and you can save frequently repeated jobs as templates. When setting up Preps, you might create non-customer jobs with layouts for the purpose of creating templates.
Note: You can also migrate and continue to use existing templates from previous versions of the software.

The Layouts search tool makes it easy to find the right template for an imposition. However, if you must store and retrieve a unique template for most jobs, it can be more efficient to use a fold pattern resource instead, which allows you to change the stock, page sizes, and individual trims, as needed.
Note: When you apply a template resource to a job, the layouts are added to the JOB file, and the original template is no longer referenced. If you separately edit and resave the template that you used for this job, the changes are not automatically applied when you reopen the job. To apply the changes, you must reapply the template.

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