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  1. Place the PDF input files into a suitable quantity-based folder within an AutoGang hot folder.
    Note: Input files must be single-page PDF files (for single-sided work style) or two-page PDF files (for two-sided work style). Files with more than two pages (or more than one in a single-sided hot folder) are moved to the error folder, because parts of a file cannot be ganged independently.
  2. If this is a manual print job, open Preps software from within Prinergy Workshop software, and check the generated layouts before saving and printing the job.
  3. For the first few autogang jobs that you run, verify that the output files were generated and placed in the configured folder locations.

    The output file names automatically include date, time, and hot folder name, in this format:
    <YYMMDDHHmm_nn_<HotFolderName>, where <nn> represents the incremented file ID number.

    Note: You cannot currently change the way that output files are named.
    For information about processing the final output in Prinergy, see the documentation for Prinergy.
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