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Ganged page groups are treated as single objects.

Requirements: Use these tasks to organize ganged pages into groups after adding them to a press run.

Choose a task:

Group selected pages in their current position

Drag a marquee to select the pages, and click the Group tool.

Group selected pages and apply uniform gutters

    1. Select a reference page for the group.
    2. Optional: Lock the page to its position on the sheet, in the template page properties.
    3. Drag a marquee to select the pages. 
    4. Edit the reference page gutter text boxes. 
    5. Click the Group tool. 

The same gutters are applied throughout the group.

Break a group apart

Select the group and click the Ungroup tool.

Step-and-repeat a selected page or group

Choose a method:

  • Basic: With the page selected, click the Step & Repeat tool, select how the repeated pages are to be separated, and drag the page to the opposite corner or side of the area.
  • Advanced: Select Edit > Duplicate, and set the options that appear.

Replace a content page within a group

Drag the new content page to the target page position, and release the mouse when the recycle symbol appears. All same-numbered template pages are updated with the new content.
To replace one content page without updating all the other same-numbered pages, use Option/Alt + drag.

Edit gutters in a selected group

    1. Click the Ungroup tool.
    2. While the ungrouped pages remain selected, edit one page's gutter text boxes. The same gutters are applied throughout the group.
    3. Click the Group tool to regroup the pages.

Access the properties of all pages in a group

Select the group, and in the Properties or workspace, make any required edits. Unedited settings for individual pages are not affected.

Rotate a page group

Select the page and click Rotate. Rotating a group rotates the entire group as if it were one object:

Rotate one page in a group

    1. Ungroup the pages.
    2. Click elsewhere so that the pages are no longer selected.  
      If you apply rotation while all the pages are selected, page overlap will result: 
    3. Select the page, then click Rotate.
    4. Edit the gutters if necessary.
    5. Regroup the pages.

View the dimensions of a group

Select View > Show Page Sizes, and select the group.

View the page counts of groups

Select View > Show Group Count.

A dashed line forms a blue rectangle around grouped pages.

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