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Use the Layouts Search tool to quickly find a suitable layout resource for a press run.

  1. On the Layouts pane, click the Search tool.
    The search options that appear depend on whether you already used this tool.
  2. If no criteria selection list appears, click [+].
  3. In the criteria selection list, choose Page Count, and specify how many page positions are required in the layout.
    This filters the lists in the Layouts pane.
  4. Click [+] as needed to add criteria and narrow the search results. You can specify:
    • Name
    • Page Count
    • Binding Style
    • Work Style
    • Page Size
    • Stock Size
    • Page Grid (horizontal: X, vertical: Y)
    • Section Count
    • Media
  5. Review the filtered list of layouts.
  6. If the results are not satisfactory, repeat the search with different criteria. You can:
    • Change criteria selections.
    • Click [–] to remove criteria.
    • Click Reset to clear all your criteria selections, and start over with new selections.

Select and add the resource to a press run, and continue defining the layout.

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