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You can create a web press run with any number of webs, and then insert, delete, move, or copy webs as needed. The same zoom level and relative focal point is maintained as you toggle between the webs in the workspace.
Webs provide flexible options for working with sections:

  • When you duplicate a web that contains an imposition section, the imposition is duplicated, and the page numbering is auto-updated across all the webs.
  • You can also number or renumber the pages on each web individually.
  • The pages for one product section can be laid out across all the webs in a press run.
  • The printed press sheets that are cut from the web rolls can be placed on top of each other and folded to form a single signature.
  • Each web in a press run can be shared by multiple sections.
  • For example, when three sections are laid out across two webs in a press-run layout, the printed press sheets are cut from the web rolls and cut again to split out the three sections. Each section results in one signature.
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