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Use these preferences to customize your reports.

  • In Mac OS: Select Preps > Preferences > Report.
  • In Microsoft Windows: Select Edit > Preferences > Report.


You can select the type of report to generate:

  • Intent Based Report (default value)
  • Legacy Report 

If you select Intent Based Report, the Each product appears in a separate page option will be available for you to toggle on or off.

To include your company logo on reports, click Select, and browse to the location of the image file for your logo.

  • You can use either a JPG or PDF file for the image file.
  • There is no restriction on the file size. If desired, you have the option to select Scale the logo to the default size (H: 5mm). If you select this option, the width will be calculated automatically to fit the ratio of the original image.

Output Defaults

You can set defaults for layout reports:

  • Output to: Select a printer. Or, select to save as PDF.
  • Media: Default Media, if not selected in Press Runs
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Margins: Top, left, bottom, right

Note: If you select Intent Based Report as the type of report to generate, the Job ID at the top of the created report is extracted from the Job Notes JobID content.


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