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In the workspace, select a page, and, in the Properties pane, select the Content Page tab to display its settings. The customer's original files are not affected by any changes that you make to the page in the layout, and any rotation or scaling that you apply affects only the selected page.

File NameDisplays the full path and name of the customer input file
Page NumberDisplays the sequentially assigned number, derived from the input file in the Files list
Page Size, W, HDisplays the dimensions of the PDF page or placeholder page. If a PDF input file does not specify the trim box size, the bleed box or media box size is used.

Edit the content position in selected pages when you need to override the Page Position Adjustment values that are specified for the product's even and odd pages (Job > Layout Details), or the Autocenter run list pages default setting on the General tab of the Preferences dialog box.

  • Center in template page
  • Use trim offsets

You can specify the width and height distances between the lower-left corner of the content page and the lower-left corner of the template page, or drag the page in the Pages workspace to update these values.
Note: The lower-left corner of a content page is defined in terms of the trim box or bleed box, depending on how the page size is defined in the input file.


Scaling is based on the trim box or bleed box, depending on how the page size is defined in the input file.

  • None: Applies no scaling (default)
  • Scale the content to fit template page: The results depend on the Constrain proportions setting:
    • If proportions are constrained: Scales the height and width of the content page to the best possible fit within the template page, while also ensuring that the new proportions of the content page match its original dimensions.
    • If proportions are not constrained: Automatically scales the height and width by separate factors as needed for the best possible fit to completely fill the template page, with no extra space.
  • Set Scaling: Specify scaling percentages or new page dimensions for the width and height.
    • If proportions are constrained: Typing one value automatically sets the other value proportionately.
    • If proportions are not constrained: You can specify separate values for the width and height.
  • Select Constrain proportions to retain the original proportions of the content page, or clear it if you need to change the proportions anamorphically.
    Note: If you do not constrain proportions, skewed images can result. 
Page RotationYou can rotate a content page within the template page in 90-degree increments. The content rotates around the page center, independent of the template page.








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