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You can edit the binding styles and section sequence using your drag and drop.
Requirements: Define the product intent, and view it in the Assembly workspace.

  1. In the Assembly view, choose a task:
    • Change the section sequence or binding type.
      As you drag, a guideline and wireframe section box indicates the nearest drop point. For example, drag a saddle-stitched section to the left to convert it to a perfect-bound section:
    • Create a part with mixed binding styles.
      In this example, one section is saddle-stitched to another, and the resulting booklet is perfect bound to the third section. 

      The Binding Style in the Properties pane for section 1 will display a value of Mixed, and the page range is dynamically updated.
    • Combine two sections and their page counts.
      Dragging a section onto another section creates one merged section—drop the dragged section when the target section becomes highlighted:

      The section properties and page ranges are automatically updated in all applicable panes when you change the section binding styles, page counts, and sequential position within the part.
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