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The following steps summarize the main aspects of most single-product jobs. Not all steps must be performed in a specific order, many can be combined or automated, and there are flexible ways to perform most steps.


You need a solid prepress background and an understanding of imposition concepts and workflow.

  1. (Optional) Define the product intent, including the product and part page counts.
  2. Add the input files to the job.
    Note: You can skip this step for unpopulated jobs.
  3. Set up the run list with PDF, placeholder, or blank pages.
    Note: You can skip this step for ganged jobs.
  4. Add media and stock to a press run.
  5. Create a press-run layout with page positions, content, marks, and trims, as needed.
  6. Continue building the press runs to accommodate the pages for this job.
  7. Save the job, and print the output files.
  8. (Optional) Save the job as a template or fold pattern for reuse.
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